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Online Sports Betting – FAQ

Having a flutter on online sports betting sites can be exciting. It can also be confusing for newbies when you think about the different wagering possibilities, terminology, and the stats that all go into sports betting.

To help you out, we’ve put together this betting websites FAQ guide to help you make sense of the more confusing elements of betting.

  1. What does “vigorish” or “juice” mean?

    This refers to the commission the bookmaker takes when it accepts your wager. The oddsmaker tries to get an equal amount of bets on players or teams so that he can collect a percentage and in turn generate a profit.

  2. What’s a money line wager?

    When it comes to a money line bet, one athlete or team is assigned a number that has a negative sign, which is the favourite, and the other gets a number that has a positive sign, which is the underdog. When a team is favoured, you must wager the indicated amount to win. The number for the undergo indicates the payout on a wager.

  3. Why do lines change in sports books?

    On online sports betting sites, a lot of people wager on one player or team, and when that happens, the line can be moved to try and encourage action on the other option.

  4. How big must a bankroll be?

    It’s up to you and what you feel really comfortable with. But, make sure it’s money you can afford to lose. Always gamble responsibly.

  5. Is there any system that will let me win most of the time?

    No. When it comes to betting websites, research and hard work are the keys to your success, and even then, you’re not guaranteed a win. Most successful bettors have a 50% to 58% winning percentage.

  6. What’s a “unit?”

    It’s the amount of money you most regularly wager on a game or on online sports betting sites.

  7. What’s a point spread?

    Ever heard of point spread betting? It’s when a number is either added or subtracted from a team’s final score. If the total after the addition or subtraction is enough for the team to win the game and you wagered, you’ll get a pay-out.

  8. How can I use a betting exchange?

    A betting exchange works to bring sports betting fans together, cutting out the bookmaker and getting rid of the “juice.” So, you can post your own betting lines, and then decide if you want to “lay” or “back.” If you lay a team or athlete, you’re actually betting on a loss. But, if you back a team or athlete, you’re betting on a win. Whichever position you want to take, you have to find another bettor who’s willing to take the opposite position for the wager to be active.

  9. How does over/under work?

    The over/under, or ‘total,’ is the oddsmaker’s prediction for a game’s combined score.

  10. Are betting websites legal in South Africa?

    Sports betting is legal here, and the sites that we review and recommend are all licensed and regulated.

  11. How does a parlay bet work?

    With a parlay bet, you choose two or more athletes or teams to bet on. If all your predictions are right, you win a payout that’s a lot bigger than a series of individual sports bets. Here’s the catch: all parlayed wagers have to be right or you lose. Most common are the two to four-game parlays, but there are some bettors that manage to string together up to 14.

  12. What’s the hardest sport to bet on?

    Head to Google with this question and you may be left scratching your head at the myriad of opinions. At the end of the day, the answer is going to depend on the oddsmaker you go up against since some tend to be a lot more knowledgeable about particular sports. Overall, though, it seems the consensus is that American football is the hardest to bet on.

  13. Which is the best sports book?

    This is a tough one to answer since each person has different needs in terms of sports books and betting websites. That’s why we set out to rate and review the top sportsbooks and online sports betting sites for our Saffers.

    As for preferences, some bettors like a wide range of sports options, whereas others are more focused on the quality of the line.

    The best tips we can give you here is to joint several leading sports books once you’ve built up your bankroll, as it’s a good way to sample their services.

    Otherwise, be sure to check our reviews to help you decide which betting websites will suit your needs.

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