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Live betting is the ultimate sports betting experience. It allows punters to bet on an event before it starts and while the action unfolds. It is a high-tech, high-octane method of making more money on a single race, match or boxing bout. With live betting you are never locked in to pre-match odds. Every action on the field, pitch or in the ring changes the odds – and you have the freedom to chase down the value bets in-play!

What is Live Betting?

Live or in-play betting is essentially the process of betting on a sports event once it is already underway. In the old days, before technology revolutionised gambling, sports bookmakers would offer fixed odds on a match – and that was that. Bettors were locked-in to those odds and either won or lost. Now it is possible to swop allegiances and place opposing bets – several times if you so desire – based on what is happening on the field of play in real-time.

With in-play betting, you have the distinct advantage of wagering on the player, or team, who has the upper hand at that point in time. As a result, there is no need to spend hours of your time on the more tedious aspects of betting on sports – wading through past results, analysing current form and crunching statistics. The evidence you need to place a value bet is right before your eyes!

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How Does Live Betting Work?

Live betting is a product of our technology-driven times. It uses a sophisticated computer algorithm to analyse the real-time data emanating from the live event and changes the odds accordingly. This happens throughout the match and betting is often suspended for a few seconds to enable the computer to make the necessary adjustments. The odds are constantly updated to reflect any action that can impact the result – be it a red card, corner or goal in football or a cut, massive uppercut or knockdown in boxing.

Betway Live Betting

Apart from offering bettors optimal flexibility in terms of the constantly changing odds, the nature of live betting means there are many more ways to win money on a single event. At Betway Live Betting, for example, you can wager on game and set handicaps in tennis or whether there will be a set to nil or a tiebreak. Similarly, live cricket betting markets vary from the traditional 1 x 2 match results to the player with the most fours or sixes and the team with the top batter or bowler. You can bet on individual players, what will happen in the first, second or third delivery in a particular over and the dismissals and scores per innings.

Betway live betting offers competitive odds on all the most popular sporting codes and events. You can consequently bet in-play on local and international soccer, rugby, cricket, volleyball, snooker and baseball, to name but a few of the in-play betting options available right now.

Live Betting Tips

In order to benefit from the multiple bet types and constantly changing odds, in-play betting requires mental agility and quick decision making. However, with so much activity on the betting interface and the field of play, it’s easy to get carried away. If you do place multiple bets at the same time, be sure to keep track of how much you’ve got on the game at any given time.

The trick is to exploit the odds and any over- or under-adjustments made to those odds. It’s not only the bettors who feel the pressure of live betting, it is the sportsbooks and their algorithms too!

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