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Betgames is an interactive fixed betting lottery-style game, it is a fun game that can provide some quick entertainment. There is often a new game every 3 – 5 minutes so your chances of winning are often. Betgames is based on two factors:
  • The standard fixed odds style of sports betting
  • The popular lottery style numbers/balls draw

How to play Betgames

 There are a few different betting options in Betgames, mainly you can select between color and number. But, some games offer different options so it just depends on where you play the game. The draws are done live via a stream which adds to the excitement and authenticity of the game.

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Get started with Betgames

First, you need to select the game style you want to play:
  • Lucky 5 (5 balls dropped from 36)
  • Lucky 6
  • Lucky 7 (7 balls dropped from 42)
  • Dice
  • Dice Duel
  • Wheel
Once you have selected your game you can start placing bets. You need to place your bets before the draw (once a draw starts bets are closed). The different game versions all offer different styles of entertainment but the basics on how to play remain the same.There is one round of betting and you can start with small bets of you wish and work your way up or if you are familiar with the game go in large for better wins.

Different betting options on offer

There are a variety of different betting styles or types but most games include similar bets. These are some of the more popular bets to place in Betgames.
  • The selected ball will be dropped/drawn (between 1 – 45 or 1 – 36 depending on the game selected)
  • More odd balls will drop/draw
  • More even ball will drop/draw
  • A minimum of two out of the seven selected number will be dropped/drawn
  • More of a certain colour will be dropped/drawn

What makes Betgames so popular?

It may be an unfamiliar or new game to most South Africans but, those that have started playing Betgames usually come back for more. The game is exciting and dare we say addictive, it is similar to an instant lottery but with smaller stakes and prizes (depending on your budget).So what makes this game something people want to play?
  • The games are drawn every 5 minutes this makes it a quick and instant game.
  • Winnings are credited to your account instantly and there is no play through requirements.
  • The draws are 100% live making the game fair and authentic.
  • Players can place small bets but win big rewards, this is the perfect type of game for those that don’t make large deposits or just have a few Rands in their account.
  • It’s a fun option to play between sports or at half time while you wait for your main sports fixtures to start.

Helpful tips for Betgames

  • The minimum bet for Betgames is often R1
  • Win limits can be set to R10,000 make sure you check this
  • Start small and once you get the hang of the game you can increase your bets
  • This is a game of chance there is no strategy or skill required
  • Play on your mobile for a fun on the go game
It is important to note that Betgames is a game in itself and not the Lucky Numbers game you see advertised on some websites. Lucky Numbers has to do with actual Lottery draws and is not as instant as Betgames nor do they offer fixed odds betting.

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