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Calculate the winning potential of your bets with the 247 Bets Betting Calculator, we have put together our handy odds calculator to help you get to grips with placing the best bet possible. Now you will have the added advantage of comparing different outcomes when placing your bets. Armed with the Betting Calculator and some handy 247 Betting Tips you will be able to place the very best bet possible.

How does our betting calculator work

One of the basics to sports betting is understanding how to calculate the return of a bet based on the odds given. This does how ever get rather complicated when you have multiple bets and the odds all differ. Our Bet Calculator simplifies this process for you and is easy to use just follow these steps.

  • Select your bet type
  • Select the odds type
  • Populate your stake amount
  • Select if the bet is Each Way, Rule4, Dead Heat
  • Populate your odds and select the outcome

Your return and profit will be calculated and displayed in the yellow blocks.

The odds calculator makes use of the odds and bet you place to calculate the return for you so you can avoid the daunting maths. Our betting calculator offers more than just calculating your return it can also work as a comparison tool to help you figure out how to place your bets. For example, will you make a profit if you decrease your lucky 15 selection to two instead of four? We offer all the popular bet types so you can check to see which is the best bet for your budget.

Soccer Bet Calculator

When it comes to placing sports bets Soccer is one of the most popular sports to bet on in South Africa and around the world. With matches taking place almost every weekend and leagues in different countries it is easy to see why punters are eager to cash in on this popular sport. If you want to understand how to bet on soccer then take a look at our guide on “How to bet on Soccer” this guide is full of helpful tips on how to make better decisions when placing soccer bets. You can also use our odds calculator to make sure your odds are working out to give you the best possible return.

Once you have decided on the bet you want to place head back here and use the Soccer bet calculator to know what your return and profit would be. Once you know how much you could win you can decide if you want to boost your bet into a multibet to increase your odds or stick and place a single bet.

At the moment our preferred sports betting provider is Betway South Africa. Betway cover all soccer leagues and offer decimal odds that are easy to understand. In addition, if you sign up at Betway today you will get a Free R25 Sign Up Bet to get you started.

How are odds payout calculated?

We mentioned earlier that understanding how to calculate the return on a bet is one of the basic requirements to placing the best bets. When you place a single bet the calculation is quite simple. Let us look at some examples.

Decimal odds are easy to calculate

Liverpool VS Leicester FC, placing a R10 Bet

  • Liverpool to win Odds 1.98 – Potential Return R19.80
  • Leicester to win Odds 3.57 – Potential Return R35.70
  • Draw Odds 3.78 – Potential Return R37.80

When you place a bet on a decimal odd you multiply your bet amount with the odd, for example above for Liverpool to win R10 x 1.98 = R19.80

Fractional odds mean some maths

Fractional odds mean a little more maths is required but the formula is still rather simple. To calculate you need to multiply your bet by the top number and then divide by the bottom number.

Placing a R10 bet on Liverpool 5/2 Leicester, you would (R10 x 5)/2 gives you a potential return of R25.

If that all sounds a little too confusing then we suggest using our betting calculator to help you get to grips with your betting returns. Remember if you are new to online betting then read through our Online Sports betting site reviews and make sure you pick a betting house that works for you.

Here at 247 Bets we have all the resources you need to get your sports betting journey started.

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