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Betting Tips and Strategy

Online sports betting is definitely a rewarding hobby, and there are many hard-working, lucky people who even endeavour to make a living out of it. But, like other online gambling hobbies, it takes a lot of discipline and loads of trial and error to make a success of it.

While there’s no hard-and-fast path to success, there are some sports bettors that choose to use statistical analysis over different sports, and then there are those who prefer to focus on just one team or league, be it Orlando Pirates, or the Boks, for example. Then, there are those gamblers who use a rather particular betting system on online sports betting sites, which can range from mind-numbingly simple to Mensa-level complex.

Whether you’re already a hardcore pro bettor or a rookie dabbler, we have some top sports betting tips and a betting calculator for you to make good use of. But, before we get into the sports betting tips remember this: there really isn’t a strategy that works perfectly for everyone – no one-size-fits-all solution. So, don’t be scared to experiment and always learn from your errors.



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Sports Betting Tips You Need to Know

Building Your Bankroll
Once you’ve decided to check out local online sports betting sites, don’t go and withdraw wads of cash from your bank account and dive right in – you may end up sinking. The best tips we can give you in this regard is to set aside a reasonable, manageable, and the responsible sum of disposable income. Build up enough so that you can, if you so wish, open accounts at several sports betting websites. Decide what sort of bankroll you want to start with, and remember that you can always up it as you increase your experience and as your success flourishes.
Maintaining Your Bankroll
Once you’ve decided on and built up your bankroll, don’t go and splash it on just one wager. At 24/7 Bets, one of the best sports betting tips we can give you is to risk around 1% to 5% on any given wager. So, let’s say you have a bankroll of R1,000. The best is to wager between R10 to R50. Sure, they may not sound like the most exciting amounts ever, but they will help to ensure that your funds don’t get completely wiped out by a couple of unlucky bets.
Stay Away from Tout Services
What tout services do is offer to give you winning picks for a particular price. Just don’t fall into this trap. Tout service’s supposed success rates are very often an exaggeration. It if really was that easy to make money on sports, everyone would be doing it, wouldn’t they?
Always Bet with Purpose
The whole point of sports betting is to make a profit. If you’re just placing bets on games to spice things up a little, all you’re really going to land up doing is setting yourself up for a downfall. So, always make sure that you have a crystal-clear purpose in mind when you’re ready to place a wager and make sure you treat the oddsmakers with the respect they truly deserve.If you’re not too familiar with the teams or players, you’re going to have a tough time enjoying consistent success. So, no matter which sport you want to bet on, you need to try and watch as many of the games as you possibly can and carefully analyse the stats. After all, the more you know, the greater your odds of success are going to be.
Try Not to Go on Tilt
Ever heard of “going on tilt?” If you go on tilt, it means you are following up a losing wager, usually in a rage, with an even bigger bet. This is never a good omen and usually, ends in disaster. The trick is to avoid temptation and always gamble responsibly. Whenever you have the misfortune of losing a wager, accept it and move on.
Keep a Clear Mind
There are plenty of people who like to have a tipple or smoke something not so legal, but another one of our top online sports betting tips is to never, ever, mix these activities with online gambling. Being under the influence affects your judgment, and that means you could find yourself seriously out of pocket.
Shop for Different Lines
Don’t just settle for the very first set of odds you stumble upon. Rather, check out multiple sports books and seek out betting lines that have the potential to give you an advantage. It takes a little extra dedication and time, but it’s going to save those hard-earned Rands.

Are you ready to get started

While there’s no single sports betting strategy that’s guaranteed to work every time, the online betting tips on this list should serve you well under many circumstances. Obviously, luck still comes into the equation when wagering on sports, but excellent money management and careful research can help you.

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